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"Releasing and getting right to the point with my pain (it’s fast pace). It’s a quick release which feels like instant help. I find that valuable! "


"Priti's coaching process really helped me go deep............and fast and dug out some things I wouldn't have been able to see on my own. It was very obvious that Priti really cared, and that safe space she created allowed me to be much more vulnerable than I would have been in a traditional setting. The session relieved some deeply held frustrations and anger that had been building up in me and helped me realized that a lot of it stemmed back to childhood trauma rather than the current situation that was triggering me. "

Rob M.

Who is Priti?

Priti Chandran is a coach passionate about unlocking your inner "stuck" state so that you can overcome those challenging emotions. She empowers you to navigate common challenges of your outer world...unleashing your bigger potential!


Prior to formally launching her coaching practice, Priti Chandran spent five years in a career as a general dentist serving as a Naval officer in the U.S. military and provided dental care in the private sector.  During the next chapter, she focused on raising her two kids all while feeding her curiosities through continuous growth & learning in overcoming relevant challenges. Priti offers a range of services - from individual virtual coaching, to masterclasses, to workshops and event speaking on the subjects of wellbeing and emotional management.


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